Brosi Lab

Understanding the causes and implications of native and managed bee declines.


Graduate students

Graduate students in my lab are admitted through Emory’s PBEE (Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution) program.  PBEE is a dynamic and quickly-growing program with an interesting and motivated group of graduate students.  I am particularly interested in working with students who: 1) are interested in both high-quality basic ecological research and also its application to real-world problems in conservation and/or agriculture; 2) want to include at least some component of fieldwork in their studies; and 3) are not afraid to develop their quantitative skills in terms of ecological statistics and/or modeling (any mathematical background is welcome as long as you are motivated to develop these skills).  While I expect each doctoral student to develop her or his own research project, it should be somewhat related to the projects listed in our research page.

Interested prospective graduate students should contact Dr. Brosi via email [bbrosi at emory … dot edu] with their research interests; reasons for pursuing graduate school; and a current CV.

Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduate students with an interest in scientific research and the environment, as well as a strong work ethic and excellent academic track record, to join the Brosi lab.  We generally ask a commitment of a minimum of six hours per week, and strongly prefer students who will also make a long-term commitment to a longitudinal experience in our lab—that is, students who are interested to stay for several semesters and preferably for the remainder of their college career.   Freshman and sophomore applicants are preferred, but we are open to students at any stage of their college career.  We have a particular interest in mentoring students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, but students from any background are welcome to apply.

We are also open to considering outstanding students from other Atlanta-area colleges and universities (Morehouse, Spelman, GA Tech, GA State, etc.).  In addition, students from any university can apply to work in our lab over the summer as part of Emory’s SURE program.

Interested prospective undergraduate students should contact Dr. Brosi via email [bbrosi at emory … dot edu] detailing why they are interested in joining the lab; a current transcript (an unofficial transcript copied from OPUS is fine); and a current resume.